Leaf & Stone

‘Leaf & Stone’ is a symbol for the two elements ‘air’ and ‘earth’.
Spiritual and grounded energies combined in the body.
In the duality of life, both energies equally important.
If you feel balanced, you can feel the power of being a human on this earth and a spiritual being in this universe.
It’s now time to connect both energies together and make space for your own vibration of light.


My name is Malou and I am the founder of ‘Leaf & Stone’. ‘Leaf & Stone’ arise from my own personal journey in search of a deeper spiritual and connected life with The Universe, by connecting other people with their guides and the spiritual world. I hope to achieve this by providing a safe, tranquil and intimate environment throughout my channeling sessions and transmissions. ‘Leaf & Stone’ mostly focusses on a deeper connection with the 5D world, acceptance and increasing the flow of energy, which in turn leads to more self-love and personal insight and ultimately more intimate connections with the magical world around you. I believe in the ability of healing oneself and tapping into your own vibration of light. Everyone has his or her own journey to undertake and I am happy to be a small part of that journey.

Photos: Malou Tan
Artist on the photo of the Stone: Kan Yasuda, The secret of the sky – Japan